Maggie Choo


After a 9 year tour of duty as an agency art director, at shops both monolithic (BBDO, TBWA Chiat/Day, Ogilvy) and boutique (WongDoody, DeVito/Verdi), Maggie Choo‘s directorial career officially began.Andonce begun, Maggie found out quickly that she had no desire to shoot like other girls. Thwarting most preconceived notions that female directors only shoot beautifully sweeping vistas and heartwarming vignettes, Maggie instead found her voice in documentary and the typically male stomping grounds of comedy. Maggie takes her subjects head on, mixes the gritty with the glamorous, displays a deep appreciation, love and understanding of sports, and manages to get it all done with a sense of wit and mischief.

Most recently, Maggie has spent her time taking a 360 degree view of filmmaking and content generation during her tenure at Nike, Inc. as a "Senior Digital Content Producer" which is just a fancy way of saying, "she makes stuff for the web." In the 5 years she’s been with the  “Swoosh,” Maggie has tackled a myriad of projects, which have both fed her love of all things sports as well as honed her skills as a documentarian.

Maggie’s first project at Nike was "Laced"--a 12-episode documentary about the history of Nike basketball shoes, based loosely on Scoop Jackson’s book, “Sole Provider,” which she produced and directed. It was Nike's first ever distributed content project in Asia/Pacific. 

Since then, she wrote, produced and directed a short piece about the release of the "Hyperdunk" basketball shoe, which you may remember as the shoe Michael J. Fox’s character wears in "Back to the Future 2". The 2008 Hyperdunk release not only commemorated the 20th anniversary of the film, but also introduced new shoe technology, which made the Hyperdunk the lightest/strongest basketball shoe ever.

Maggie’s Nike resume also includes work for NikeWomen, serving as creative director/producer on a 6 spot campaign combining live action and 6 different styles of animation which introduced the "sister series" of training shoes to 13 countries in the Asia/Pacific region. She also had a role in producing the award-winning Nike Training Club app, which is one of the most downloaded fitness apps available.

Maggie’s current project is top secret…. but to drop a hint about what’s coming, she has been organizing, filming and interviewing Nike athletes, coaches and trainers for the better part of a year to help Nike’s teenage consumers make themselves better athletes. The project has allowed her to interview some of the biggest names in sports at some of the biggest sporting events, including NBA All-Star Weekend, the NCAA Men's Final Four, and the 2011 Manchester United US Tour just to name a few.

On a more personal note, Maggie spends her free time caring for the “Choo Zoo” which includes a snake, five fish, four cats (one that looks exactly like a tiny Holstein cow), and two exuberant Labrador Retrievers, Spooky and Etoile

She’s also writing a book about the eight weeks from the time she found out her mother was diagnosed with cancer to the day she passed away entitled “The Girl Goes Home.”  And after being badgered by her friends to transcribe the daily hysterically funny stories about her absentminded scientist father, Maggie is publishing a blog and Twitter feed about her dad, known as the “TDC” or the “Tiny Doctor Choo.”